The Perfect Cup
Since 1928
Begin with filtered water or a coffee pot with a charcoal filter.  Ask yourself,
up in your coffee.  It is recommended to use a standard measuring cup for
your water instead of the carafe

The next element is the measuring spoon.  One "scoop" should be equivalent
to 2 tablespoons.  Remember, the coffee will retain some water so your yield
will be lower that the amount of water you begin with.

Then the perfect proportion of coffee to water:

Coffee                            Water                   
2 scoops                  2 cups (16 oz)

4 scoops                  4 cups (32 oz)

6 scoops                   6 cups (48 oz)

8 scoops                   8 cups (64 oz)

Add desired amount of sweetener and liquid cream into your coffee cup.
the cream with the frother for a few seconds.  Pour coffee into the side of
the mug so as to not disturb your foam.
Then enjoy your wonderful creamy-foamy coffee!
1 cup brewed Conti Supremo
3 Splenda

Brew Conti Supremo (for instructions, see below)
Coffee is better chilled, but if you can't wait, add a few pieces of ice to the
most delicious & refreshing drink.  Great way to start your day or a little
'pick me up' in the afternoon.  Also, tastes great with Caffe Italiano,
Exclusive Organic or Caffe Italiano Decaf!
Conti Gourmet Coffee
"We will change the way you drink coffee"