Coffee Is Our Specialty
From the tree...
To the berry...
To the bean...
From the tree:

There are two main species of trees:

1. 'Robusta' which are grown at sea level and are known as a low     
quality bean
2. ARABICA which grows best at high altitudes in semi-tropical
climates (all the delicate and prized flavors are found in arabica)
and possesses 50% less caffeine than Robusta*

·Our trees are the from the ‘Arabica' species
·Our trees are grown in rich volcanic soil
·Our trees are grown in the high mountains of  
Nicaragua and Colombia

To the berry:

There are different ways to grow and protect the berry.
·To protect the berries from the sun during growth, the shade tree
also double as a wild-life sanctuary for birds, hence the term
“shade grown-bird friendly”
·Our trees are organically fertilized by hand to ensure the
healthiest bean possible
·Our berries are hand picked, one-by-one, to ensure no damage
occurs to the berry or the bean
·As opposed to growing the berries directly in the harsh sunlight
and harvesting mechanically

To the bean:

There are different ways to process the bean
·We use the wash method -'washed' - beans have been put through
channels of running water to remove the bean from the cherry and
dried on a concrete slab
·'dry process' - beans are dried in the sun to allow the berry to
ferment and then is scraped off (this process is much less
expensive than the 'washed' process and
leaves an 'earthy' flavor)
*information referenced from The Joy of Coffee
There are several factors that play a
determining role in the flavor of the bean:
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