Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.
This land is filled with the greatest concentration of volcanoes and inland
only fresh water sharks in the world.

Granada was established in 1524, it is the oldest colonial city in all of the

became an independent Republic in 1838.  A struggle between the Contras
and Sandinistas occurred during the 1980's, however, the country has now
regained political balance.

Destructive earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides have played a devastating
role to the economy of Nicaragua, over the past 20 years, Nicaragua has
regained favorable economic status and continues to improve.
La Merced, Granada 16th Century
La Merced Church, Leon 1662
Sunset on the Pacific Coast
Traditional dance
Traditional Music
Volcano Masaya
Beautiful Foliage
The Pacific Coast
Volcano Masaya
the farm house
Traditional Pinata
Island Retreat, Granada
Conti Gourmet Coffee
"We will change the way you drink coffee"