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encompasses The Amazon Rainforest, tropical grasslands and both Caribbean
Colombia has an incredibly varied geography. In the highlands of the Andes is
and Pacific coastlines. Colombia is considered to be amongst  the most
ecologically diverse countries in the world.
arrived in 1499, and initiated a period of conquest and colonization, by 1830
two territories seceded creating what is now  Venezuela and Ecuador.  After
several government regimes, the Republic of Colombia was finally declared in
1886 and Panama seceded in 1903. Creating what is now modern day Colombia.

Colombia has a long tradition of constitutional government, consisting of  
Conservative and Liberal parties, tensions between the two have frequently
erupted into violence. Since the 1960s, government forces have been
engaged in conflict with left-wing insurgents and illegal right-wing
paramilitaries. Fuelled by the cocaine trade, this escalated dramatically in the
1990s. However, the insurgents lack the military or popular support necessary
to overthrow the government, and in recent years the violence has been
decreasing. Insurgents continue attacks against civilians, and large swathes
of the countryside remain under guerrilla influence, but the Colombian
government has stepped up efforts to reassert government control
throughout the country, and now has a presence in every one of its
Bolivar Square in Bogota
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