At my wife's urging, I drank my first cup of coffee when I was fifty years of age. I am now

You may count me as a loyal customer from now on.

Leon Butler
was perfect, aromatic and flavorful. We will recommend this coffee to our friends and

We just bought our second bag of your coffee!


Ed and Cynthia Brooks

tell me that she certainly enjoyed it and to be sureand tell you.
Now I want you to know that this is a break-through because my wife has always bought
her decaf coffee in the big cans at Sams or Cosco.  She has always said that "coffee is
coffee". So for her to notice and comment is High Praise indeed.

Great to meet you and thank you for introducing me to your coffee.

Bill Patton

I owe you a great debt of gratitude for the beautiful coffee you sent me as a gift.
Last summer I flew from Dallas to Florida with my younger brother’s family. We took the
met. We sat in the same row and you were sitting right next to my brother.
After you learnt that I am a Catholic priest, you sent me a package of coffee beans before
you got off the flight. It was truly a nice surprise!
I eventually took the coffee back to Taiwan and kept it in the fridge. Every time when I
treated people with your coffee, I told them the story of “angel” being everywhere.
Certainly, that was where I met you, in the air! And people all agreed that this was the
most tasteful coffee they had ever taken!......not only for the aroma, but also for a
beautiful spirit of sharing the goodness.
Thank you, Mr. Roberto! Every time when I drink your coffee, I sincerely give thanks to
God, and I offer a short prayer for you out of my heart.

This week is the Holy Week and the coming Sunday will be the feast of Easter. Let me take
the chance to express my gratitude to you.
You generously shared your gift to a humble laborer of God’s field, may God protect you
from all evil and award you with heavenly peace and joy.

In the Risen Lord,

Fr. Raphael Ling

Ps, I remember that you said one day you would love to visit Taiwan, right?

I wish I will be there if God has not called me to anywhere else…… Do contact me!
Conti Gourmet Coffee
"We will change the way you drink coffee"